How bounce rate is hurting your site’s SEO

It is acknowledged by online marketing experts that a high bounce rate hurts a site’s SEO, and ultimately affects the overall performance of any given online business. This is irrespective of the industry within which your business operates. In almost all cases, this is due to lack of consistently publishing high-quality interactive content, poor research on specific topics, poorly written and ‘unrelated content, as well as lack of media, not to mention the absence of a solid content strategy in place.

For you to be safe, you must have an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing dynamics of online business. For this reason, you are advised to seek professional article writing services that are ready to give nothing but the best.

Keep your audience engaged

There are a number of things that professional content marketers will help with at any given time. In all cases, it doesn’t matter whether you have a newly built online business or an established business with visibility issues that are negatively affecting your ranking.

Experts who are well versed in free SEO tools and offer article writing services create exceptional content will help develop an active audience in the long run. Your visitors will not only be in control but also engaged and involved in every way possible. Additionally, with a responsive audience, you can rest assured that the bounce rate will be drastically reduced but at the same time, you will realize an increase in sales revenue.

Impact of long-form Content and Social Media

It is important to consider value proposition as a top priority for your online business. In fact, the moment you offer value, the bounce rate is drastically reduced. In this case, long-form content has proven to be more effective. It is more likely to make your visitor stay longer on the page and has a direct impact on ranking as search engines consider it a positive indicator of a high-quality site. And with the use of social media plug-ins, content can be easily shared and even go viral.

If you contract professional article writing services, you reap all benefits that come with catchy titles that grab readers, excellent formatting, and you get more comments (of which search engines consider to rank a site). This is the kind of content that is fun to read but written quite professionally.

Consider Content that includes polls, quizzes, pictures & Videos.

It is imperative to know that content can be quite interactive if videos, polls, quizzes, and pictures are used. However, it is vital for you to get relevant pictures for your content and place quizzes that are directly related to the topic. Infographics are also good and when used with free SEO tools then your business moves to a whole new level.

If you desire to use video to back up your claims, educate, or inform, make it a point that quality is never sacrificed whatsoever. The best thing is that a reliable article writing services company can help with video choice and placement, of which is central in determining whether the video will be viewed or not.

Last but not least, internal linking of your site is a must. This is one of thing that main search engines put into consideration when ranking a site. As such, you should get professional help to help your online business stand head and shoulder high in your respective industry.

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