How to Evaluate the SEO Value of a Piece of Content

Successfully writing a high-quality SEO article takes time, it is a process rather than a standalone task. It takes careful consideration to structure an article that is SEO friendly but not keyword heavy. You need to create an article in stages to ensure that your content is of value to both your organization and your target reader. Here are are some SEO evaluation criteria you need to check before hitting “publish”.

Keyword Choice

Choosing your keywords has less to do with what you do, and more to do with how they rank on search engines. An organization that manufactures shoes might believe that the more occurrences they have of the words “shoe store’ in their article the better their traffic will become, but in fact, this phrase is highly competitive and so will be less productive. When you are starting out, a business needs to carefully choose their keywords to not hit the most competitive ranks, as this will not create any kind of advantage to your website.

Keyword Intention

Now that you understand the importance of the choice of your keywords, you need to consider your intentions for your article. There is no point creating elevated levels of traffic to your website if the reader has no intention of interacting with your organization. You must ensure that the intention of your keywords matches with the intention of your company.

Using your Headline

Your headline plays a significant role in how you increase traffic to your website. This is the first thing your reader will see in their search results and so it is vital that you utilize your keywords effectively with this tool. Google cuts off your title after 65 characters, so you must place your keyword or phrase within this first section otherwise you will lose your reader before they have even reached your website. I wrote a very informative post on how to create headlines that attract traffic and shares a few weeks ago, check it out.

The Importance of Meta Data

According to Google, your metadata does not work towards giving you a better rank in the search engine results, but this is where you can take advantage of the human aspect of SEO article writing. By adding in your keyword to your metadata your reader will be more likely to click on your link than that of any others.

Keyword Concentration

The most common mistake many people make when producing an SEO article is believing that the more you use your keyword the better your article will be. Unfortunately, if you overuse your keywords or phrases, you create an unreadable and unnatural piece of writing. Your article should not be written with a focus on Keywords. but should be constructed to fit its purpose and naturally include your keywords.


The length of your article must fit the purpose, it needs to be concise, relevant and not contain filler sentences, or “fluff”. When it comes to SEO articles the jury is still out on the most beneficial length. Some argue that an article of 300 words contains shallow content, while an article of 1000-2000 words gives enough detail in its content and enough room to naturally add in keywords.There is no right or wrong answer to the desired length of an article, but just remember that you need to accommodate both your intended purpose and allow keywords to be including seamlessly and naturally.


One of the biggest mistakes you can make when creating content is to let simple spelling and grammar errors slip by. Most people rely on autocorrect programs that they fail to proofread their work. Not only do these errors affect your search engine ranking but they reduce your credibility and authority as a company, which in turn reducing sales.

How Google Search Works

Google uses an algorithm to determine the rank of their search results. This algorithm is always changing to suit the needs of developing the technology. However, you must consider the human aspect of SEO results. These include an analysis of behavior which monitors the time a person stays on one page before moving on to the same site or to a new site.

Then there are Google Quality Raters. These are real people who assess search results to provide reports on quality ratings. So, you must make sure that your article will fulfill the needs of both the algorithm and the human aspects of the search quality checks.

In short

Producing a high-quality SEO article is no walk in the park, but by doing your homework and understanding how to correctly create a quality SEO article, you could increase the traffic to your website and your sales exponentially.

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