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How to repair broken links and recover your SEO ranking

As a marketer looking to build a successful website or blog, nothing can be more disastrous than broken links. They let down your SEO efforts because anytime customers visit your website and get an error 404 message; they are unlikely to come back. But don’t worry, I am about to take you through a simple step by step processes on how you can repair broken links save your site from being hurt. Take a look!

Google analytics

One of the ways to check for and repair broken links is through Google analytics. Google Analytics enables you to repair broken links through a simple easy to understand the process. The first step is to set a time frame in which you would like to check for broken links.

You simply enter the title of your page then load it. While the website is loading, make a filter with the title of your webpage followed by the words “404 error: Google analytics will use this information to generate for you a list of the links returning this error message as well as the number of visitors who have received this message on your page.

With ‘his information, you can go back to your website and with the help of your hosting company, restart the link building process. Given that links break all the time, you should repair broken links on regular basis; otherwise, all your SEO efforts will be compromised. That’s why it makes sense to configure Google analytics so that it gives you updates on broken links every day.

Broken link checker

You can also check and repair broken links using a free broken link checker. This is quite an effective tool. All you have to do is download broken link checker and it will continually be checking for broken links on your website. It will generate for you a list of links that are returning error messages. Once it has found the links, click on “found broken links” on broken link checker and it will automatically repair these links for you.

Just like Google analytics, broken links checker allows you to customize the frequency with which it checks for broken links on your websites. This ensures that you never lose customers in your SEO and link building efforts.


You may also use Xenu software to repair broken links and jump start your efforts at link building, With Xenu, you first download the software then under the Xenu file menu, insert the link to the website you want to check and repair. One exceptional thing about Xenu is that it gives you a summary of the reasons why the links are broken. With the broken links found, Xenu allows you to redirect the broken links to a content management system. Here you can either choose to remove them permanently, repair them, or build new links. The Xenu process ensures that visitors to your page never encounter any error messages that might discourage them from visiting the page again.

If you choose any of the three methods above, you are guaranteed to put an end to your broken links problems and reap major benefits from your SEO efforts. Did you check out my other post on Top 4 link building tips for starters?

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