What is SEO and how important is it to your business?

What is SEO and how important is it to your business?

What is SEO? There is a post I did a while ago on What is SEO?…but I thought I should add some bit of business sense into it over here. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is basically the process of improving the ranking of a website on the organic or unpaid Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Website owners can achieve this by implementing a number of things to a website including a website architecture, link landscape, optimized internal navigation, and optimized content.


SEO is both an art and a science with the core purpose of making user-friendly and useful content easily understandable to both humans and search engines. Creating an effective SEO strategy for your website and by extension business can significantly help draw more customers to your website which will improve your sales and revenue.


The primary goal of search engines is to provide reliable, unbiased results that for anyone looking for it. In order to achieve this, search engines identify all the information online as per your search query and rank them based on quality and relevance. There are very many factors that influence how the search engines rank information in their SERPs, but this happens too fast that you don’t even notice it. Things like keywords density, backlinks, permalinks and website description are just a few aspects that influence SEO.


Generally, factors that affect your website’s SEO can be broken down into two broad categories; On-page SEO factors and Off-page SEO factors. The two are equally important to any business that wishes to improve its visibility on the internet. Let’s take a look.


On-page SEO factors


On-page SEO factors include things that you do right on your own site to influence its visibility. All technical aspects of your website play a critical role in improving your website’s ranking in search engines. Things like the structure of your website, the content, site speed and graphics are all critical on-page SEO factors.


Off-page SEO factors


Off-page SEO factors are a little difficult to influence, and they are just that; Off-page. Perhaps the most important off-page ranking factor is the links to your website. The general rule is that the more relevant links you have leading to your website, the higher your chances of ranking better on Google and other search engines. The competition or your niche is another major influence to your SEO efforts. Some niches are easier to rank than others.


Why is SEO Important for Businesses?


When it comes to business and investment, SEO must be one of the most confusing things. If it equally sounds confusing to you, don’t worry, the following reasons why SEO is important to your business will clear some fog for you. Just so you, about 47% of the whole world’s population refers to the internet for almost everything. And there are high chances that the 90 of your customers spend most of their time online.Search engine optimization is not going anywhere anytime soon.


SEO is an extremely viable marketing tool that can bring more leads and customers to your business. Additionally, studies have revealed that SEO has better ROI compared to other forms of traditional marketing such as print ads and TV. Well, SEO is not exactly magic, but it offers business branding, visibility, high ROI, web traffic and some insights on customer behavior. In details, here is why your business needs SEO.


  1. SEO is good for branding and business visibility


When people search online for your services and products, you obviously want to rank as high as possible in search engines. Apart from people clicking through to get to your site, there is a certain value of your business just appearing high in search engines. Most people don’t just search once, click on some website and get all they want. They search for information, click on some website, browse through, refine their search, click on another website, and so on.


So what exactly does this mean for you and your business? It means that if you can show up in most of these results, your website will get great mindshare with each potential client. Chances are they will end up clicking on your link and finding out what value or solution you have to offer.


2. SEO improves Your Business Credibility


When people search for information in search engines, they make mental notes of high ranking websites for the keywords they enter on Google. In the mind of your potential customers, you ranking represents a vote of confidence, because most people know that if Google says a particular website is relevant, then that must be the case.


Back in the days when yellow pages were the order of the day, and say you were looking for an electrician; did you feel more confident calling that guy on the fifth page, or did you, like most people, start with the guys on the first page of the listings working your way down?


3. SEO Brings traffic to your Business


Quick question; if you were to set up shop, would you do it on a hidden backstreet somewhere in Davenport, Iowa or in the middle of Times Square? Well, obviously, Times Square has more traffic day and night and chances of your business picking up first are higher. Setting up your storefront right in the middle of Times Square by itself will not guarantee sales, but chances are a few of the many people walking by will eventually become your customers.


Similarly, when it comes to your website, you are likely to make more sales if you have more people landing on it. And SEO is just one of the most affordable and easiest ways to achieve this. People who land on your website as a result of your SEO effort are almost all qualified leads; they are searching for services and products like yours.


4. SEO the Best ROI’s in Advertising


SEO will reward your business highly compared to other traditional forms of advertising. The reason why SEO is so successful is that it businesses to market their products and services at the time exact when people are looking for them. You don’t have to take up space where visitors are reading a newspaper or interrupt them when they are watching their favorite TV show. In other words, you don’t have to convince people that they need your service or product.


Bottom line


SEO is clearly a cost-effective way of advertising and marketing your products. With the advertising costs rising every other day, it’s reasonable to resort to SEO who’s is much higher. You just have to create a good SEO strategy and you will soon be reaping the benefits. And you don’t have to waste a lot of money and time to reach the target audience, and that is the beauty of SEO.

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