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10 marketing metrics to master for first-time startup owners

The main aim of starting a business is to make profits. There are a number of things that you should consider when starting a business. These include planning, execution, monitoring and so on. You need capital and a business idea to start a business. It is important to note that there is a lot of competition in the business world. You need to market your products and services in order to make more sales.

There are various ways through which you can market your products and services. A website can help you market your business. Most businesspersons have appreciated the use of digital marketing in order to promote their businesses. If you are new to the business, there are some marketing metrics that you should focus on. These include:

  1. Analyze the web traffic: Traffic is essential to your business website. You will note that those businesses that have high web traffic normally make a lot of profits. Getting more traffic to your website can help you increase your probable customers. Sometimes, your web traffic might show an upsurge. However, not all visitors will end up being your customers. In this case, you need to analyze your web traffic so that you can gain from it. SEO tools like Google analytics can really come in handy.


  1. Ensure your content is rich with relevant keywords: SEO is essential to your website. You need to ensure that your website appears on the first page of the Google for your target keywords.  It should have the necessary keywords which will lead users to your pages. You should ensure that you have SEO driven content on your website. Various SEO tools can help you achieve this objective and drive more traffic to your website


  1. Social media optimization: Most people normally use social media platforms to communicate with their friends and relatives. Leverage social media platforms and masses to drive your marketing campaign strategy. You should create a page about your site on these platforms, establish a solid presence and encourage your followers to like and share the content of that page.


  1. Track where your leads come from: One way to determine if your audience usually find your web content valuable is by tracking where your leads are coming from. Pay attention to where your customers are coming from and the content that is making them to visit your site. In addition, you should determine if the amount you are spending on leads is worth the return on investment.


  1. Calculate the Return on Investment: Is the money that you are investing in your business worth it? This is the question that you should ask after starting the business. You should calculate the profits and compare them with the expenses. In the long run, ensure that the profits exceed the expenses that are incurred in your business. This can help you a great deal.


  1. Returning visitors: If a customer is pleased with your product, he or she will definitely come back for more. They will revisit your website and make a purchase. In addition, they can also recommend other people to try your products and services. Return customers is an indication and you are doing something right and can offer the match needed motivation.


  1. Cost of customer acquisition: You should not only analyze return customers but also determine the cost of attracting new customers. You will note that these returning customers were once new customers. It is important that you think about referral fees, discounts and anything else that can attract a new customer to your site


  1. Check the email performance: Most businesspersons normally use emails to communicate with their clients. It is important that you keep track of how many emails you are sending to your clients. You should also keep track of who you are sending these emails so that you can rate their effectiveness, especially if you’re running an email campaign. In addition, you should include a call-to-action in your email campaign.


  1. Click-through rate: This basically stems from those people who chose to click on a link that you have shared on various platforms. You should track these metrics because it represents the success of your content’s first impression. You will note that click-through rates are directly linked to your content’s images, headlines, titles and so forth. Track these metrics in conjunction with conversion rates so that you can determine how many people are clicking and visiting your site more often.


  1. Page views and landing page conversion rates: You should monitor your landing page conversion rates from time to time. Some pages are definitely going to outperform others. You should know these pages so that you can make the necessary improvements. Google Analytics can enable you to check both your keyword performance as well as your landing page traffic.

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