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Top 4 SEO link building tips for starters

If you’re planning to use SEO to market your website, link building would be a very important aspect of it. Most search engines view these links as an indication that your site is popular and reputable, and thus worth ranking on top. There’s a direct correlation between high-ranking reputable sites and other equally trustworthy sites linked to them.

As a beginner, building, sustaining and growing your site’s online profile should be a key part of your SEO marketing strategy. Below are some few link building tips to get you started:-

1. Contact your Webmasters and present your site for referral

If they find value in the site’s potential, the webmasters can assist you as their own customers by linking back to your website. Typically, sites that have great content, history of visitors and earned relevant inbound links are considered to have more authority in the field. These are the kind of sites that Webmasters are more likely to consider for link referrals.

2. Create content that’s shareable

Online marketing is an effective way of getting new links to your site. By coming up with unique content that web users in your area of specialization will appreciate, and want to share on various social media platforms, you won’t just gain a lot of positive links but also raise overall brand awareness and popularity.

Some of the things you can add to make the site more shareable include: pictures, videos, blog posts, infographics and so on. Whatever you decide to create, it should always be original, captivating and unique. Remember that if people have seen something similar before, they won’t bother sharing it with others, which is the reason why it’s always important to maintain originality. Here are some quick steps on how to create SEO friendly content I shared earlier.

3. Participate in local community events

A site’s popularity does not start and end online, there are other things that can be done in the community and still help it gain relevance. Getting involved in local sports teams, charities, events and other similar activities can help bring backlinks to your website_ For instance, you can support a charity by making donations or sponsor a sports team while also recommending people to learn more about your activities online by visiting the website and sharing your story on their blogs or social media platforms. This is a fun, less costly and effective way of building links to your page.

4. Ensure your content is embeddable

If the site has high-quality images, other internal users may most likely want to copy and download them. This will greatly affect the site’s originality as seen by Google. Therefore, you should try and embed them so that when someone tries to download them, they will automatically be directed to an embedded coded containing your backlink which they must use to access the content. There are various websites that provide this embedding service online.

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