Top 7 Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

So, why all these buzz about SEO? What are the Benefits of Search Engine Optimization? Search engine optimization is actually a marketing concept that makes your website visible among the gazillion other websites online. Website visibility in search engine terms means ranking among the top results after a search for a particular word (known as keyword) or phrase.

One of the most important benefits of Search Engine Optimization is increased visibility. More website visibility means more traffic, which means more visitors and fans, and if you are selling a product or a service, more sales. Of course you can pay for a better ranking on search engines, but still, there are millions of other people paying even more to rank higher for the same keyword or phrase.

Now the good news is that most search engines such as Google offer over 20 pages of search results, so you will still be ranked somewhere, the bad news is, most people only prefer to click on results on pages 1 to 3 and ignore all the extra pages. Now that is where SEO comes in.

Seven benefits of search engine optimization

1. Increased Brand credibility-People Trust Google

Google’s search results listings are very much trusted by people since it is a reputable company. If you do your SEO well, your page will probably appear on the first page and people will have more trust in your services, products or what you are talking about.

2. Definite and steady increase in traffic

Traffic is the very first among the benefits of SEO that people have in mind before any optimization efforts. Improved ranking on search engines definitely leads to more people seeing your web content and hence clicking through to your website. There are a lot of search engine optimization tools and services that webmasters can take advantage of and watch their traffic hit the roof.

3. It costs much less than PPC or Adwords.

One of the major benefits of natural search engine listings is that they are free. Unlike paid adverts, you don’t have to pay for anything even if you are listed on top of the first page for certain keywords.

Webmasters only need to invest a little effort, and where necessary, a little money to get on top of the listings. One good thing is that you get consistent and steady traffic, depending on the keywords optimized.

4. The Results are Permanent

Search engine optimization results are permanent, unlike paid adverts. Unlike paid advertisement, benefits of SEO don’t suddenly stop when one stops paying for them. You will only need to do a little maintenance efforts to maintain your spot on the listings.

5. More data available to you.

There is a lot of data on the internet that can be used to the advantage of your business. By data, I mean customer data. Some SEO tools such as Google analytics give important data such as the number of searches for particular keywords or phrases, geographical distribution of search data, and much more. Search data can help you identify high search volume keywords that have low
competitiveness, which is a recipe for high volume sales.

6. High conversion rates compared to paid ads

Another benefit of SEO is the fact that it converts visitors into clients and clients into returning clients more than paid ads. If you have been around the internet long enough, you must have already realized web content clicked through paid ads is less accurate and less satisfying as compared to that from SEO natural ranking. This means with well thought out SEO layout, visitors will spend more time on your website to try and find out what your site or article is all about.

7. Attract more advertisers-get more revenue

Internet marketing is no different from the real world physical marketing. Think of any local newspaper that you know – a more popular newspaper that has a larger audience charge more expensively on adverts compared to its less popular competitor. The same thing applies to your website or blog, the higher traffic (audience) you have, the more advertisers you will attract and the higher the pay per advert.

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