Top 8 Secrets of the Most Successful People

I have been doing a lot of inspirational reading of late and I thought I should drop this random post here to share with you a few things concerning success.

So being a successful person does not always mean that you had all the answers, sometimes it may just mean that you asked the right questions. Perhaps let’s start with the very basics: what is success?

What you hold as a standard definition for success may be the very key to archiving your lifetime’s goals and happiness, or it may be a perfect recipe to drive you down the dreaded gutter of failure and misery. There is a common misconception of using mere financial millstones that someone has gathered as a measure of success.

Consider this two examples; A poor but righteous and respected old man who wins a $100,000 raffle price and an online hacker who one day manages to pull $1000,000 from an online banking institution. Do you consider any of this as successful? Considering the ideal standards of success, none of the two cases demonstrate success; it only means that they have a couple more zeroes on their bank statements.

The ideal standards of success, therefore, should be based on happiness and the magnitude and number of goals you have archived in your life. You may argue my socialist approach but we both agree that it is pointless to amass all the wealth there is to accumulate and be the most unhappy and miserable person ever known. Note that you are more likely to acquire and maintain more wealth when you are happy with your life and what you do in life. Having grasped the basics of success, let’s have a look at some other surefire secrets of the most successful people.

1. Have a true dream and a goal

Successful people are fueled by a dream, more like a calling. Perhaps this is the very first baby step into your future successful life. Well written goals and dreams outlining clearly what you want to archive within a specific period of time. Remember that the goals you set will be the occasional measures of your success. This means you need to clearly spell them out and write them down, preferably put them in a place where you can see them daily. It helps if your goals are realistic, they should be based on the available resources and time so as to avoid any possible frustrations. Successful people do set several short term goals, archive them, and gain more morale to keep working towards their major long term dreams. Think of goals as those measurable, concrete stepping stones that every time brings you one step closer to your dreams.

2. Hard work

The success secrets of the most successful and wealthy people are hidden in their evident hard work. There are a lot of classic examples of successful people who have relentlessly channeled more effort in their work and whose fruits we do still enjoy up to today. Success is not attained lying in bed all day and night.
When hard work is fueled by a goal and a long term vision, you barely feel the fatigue and exhaustion that it comes with, and this gives you the power to press further.

3. Knowledge

Knowledge is power, and power is a major element of success, any successful person will tell you this for free. Successful people amazingly have extensive knowledge in their fields of interest. You can be sure it doesn’t only come from the regular formal education system; they do go an extra mile to acquire more knowledge than what is given in class or at workplace. You don’t have to necessary collect all the PhDs and degrees that there is to study, the trick is finding a niche that naturally interests you and exploring it to the core. It might be a niche along with your career line or hobby. If you do it right, it just might be the next big invention that will ever be remembered for its positive contribution to the society.

4. Attitude
Attitude is your approach towards happenings around you and life in general. Successful people do approach situations with the “I can” attitude, optimism and a belief in archiving the “impossible”. A negative attitude towards life and situations not only limits your potential but pulls you a few more steps back every time you say “I can’t”. Positive attitude cultivates persistence and enables you to hold on to your dreams long enough for you to archive them.

5. Imagination

Human beings are the only animals built with the ability to imagine and toy around with ideas in three dimensions in their minds. Successful people do “see” the ends of their goals and dreams and are motivated by the beauty they “see” in the completed task before they even begin. Imagination similarly enables one to “visualize” solutions and answers out of sticky situations.

The elite says “necessity is the mother of invention”, I do believe imagination is the mother of invention. Imagination is one of the most amazing secrets of the most successful people; they don’t limit their minds or confine themselves in rigid cocoons. They rather do let their minds wonder widely about the availability of possibilities and opportunities. By so doing, successful people do find hidden opportunities in every calamity and are able to bounce back to the top as other commoners do the whining. Simply put, logic will take you from point A to point B, imagination will take you anywhere!

6. Planning

A plan is a clearly elaborated blue print of how you intent to archive a specific task. It will include for example methods, tools, skills and time required. Failure to plan is planning to fail-It might be an old cliché but it holds true under any circumstance. Successful people do plan their activities both short term and long term to ensure that their goals are archived, in time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just a 2hr meeting of a 2yrs project; you need to plan everything out to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

7. Determination

Determination is the unwavering resilience that is powered by the ability to make difficult decisions. Life is a series of decisions, and your achievements are the sum total of the consequences resulting from your decisions. Top managers, for example, are bombarded with complicated decisions every day and it’s their end sum decisions that separate managers from good managers.

8. Confidence

Genuine self-confidence and believing in “you” is one of the most powerful among secrets of the most successful people. You are what you think you are. So whether you think you are a winner or a failure, you are right. Successful people do strongly believe in their ability and do not underrate their potential, by so doing; they have enough self-esteem and the ego to take on the most daring ventures that seem to scare the average thinkers.
Well, there you have them, implementing these tricks may need some practice and time, so be patient and focus on your goals. See you at the top!

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