Understanding the impact of Dwell time on your site’s SEO

Introduction Good SEC ranking can put your website on the top page of Google and enable you to get many visitors who might later convert into real clients. There are many ways to earn good SEO ranking and Dwell time is one of the most important but often overlooked factors when it comes to improving SEO rankings.

Dwell time is mainly a combination of three components:

  1. Session Duration
  2. Bounce Rate and
  3. Click-through rate (CTR)

To understand the impact of dwell time, it is important to know the roles of each of these components.

Session Duration: Session duration shows the amount of time that users spend on a particular website. Google analytics lets you know the session duration of your website. If the duration is high, it means that users are spending more time on your website.

Bounce Rate: This reveals the percentage of visitors who leave your website after just viewing only a single page, mostly the landing page. A high bounce rate means that visitors are quickly leaving your website and not spending much time on it, resulting in bad SEO ranking. Excellent SEO content can decrease the bounce rate of your website.

Click-through Rate: The click-through rate shows how many people click on your website when it appears in Google search engine results. When this is high, it means that people are visiting your website more often. This tells Google that your website must be providing some valuable content, thus improving your ranking on the search engine results

The impact of dwell time on SEO

When users frequently visit your website and spend a lot of time on it without leaving quickly, the website undoubtedly contains a lot of good SEO content. Good SEO content means that whatever information your website holds is of high importance to visitors. It also means that they have exactly got what they were looking for. The articles, videos or other content on the website interest them and keep them glued in there much longer.

Website owners can ensure good SEO content on their website by hiring content writing services that are expert and experienced in this matter. Content writing services ensure that your website gets the maximum amount of visitors compared to other websites, also making it possible for users to spend ample time on your website.

What is an ideal dwell time?

Knowing what an ideal dwell time is can help you understand what needs to be done in order to keep visitors engaged on your website. Since session duration and bounce rate make up the dwell time. It is important to know what an ideal session duration and bounce rate is

Generally, the ideal session duration is more than two minutes. Anything less than two minutes is not a positive sign for your website. Therefore, make sure that the benchmark session duration for your website is two minutes

When it comes to bounce rate, a good bounce rate ranges from 0-40%. In this range, your website is not under any threat of getting a downfall in rankings. A 40-60% bounce rate is a bit worrying and anything more than that is threatening and undesirable.


How to improve dwell time

  1. Right keywords: It is important to choose the keywords carefully in order to attract visitors who are looking for relevant content. The right keywords will make sure you get more visitors and improved session duration.
  2. SEO optimized features: Content that has proper headings, good font size and appropriate colours will improve usability and attract more visitors. Content writing service providers are aware of all these and they will make sure your content is worth reading
  3. Improving page load time: Visitors usually like websites that have a good load time. They will not wait long for a page to load; therefore, improving the page load time will increase your ranking.

Bottom line

Good content writing services will make sure that your dwell time is high. A high dwell time can make your website earn a lot of money by pushing it high up the rankings in search results.

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