What is web content again?

Through words, audio, video and all its other forms, content tell the story of your service, product or presence on the web. It also instills your message into the minds and hearts of your prospective clients and fans. Web content is the reason people come to your site, in fact, it is the reason you are here.


So what is Web content? Web content is the textual, visual or audio content that users interact with as they browse through websites, blogs or any other online platform. It may come in form of texts, images, animations, sounds, videos or graphics, among other forms. Let’s take a quick look at types of web content.


Types of web content

Text content
-This is the most common form of content. When they say “content is king”, text content is actually what they mean. All the concepts of content marketing revolve around text content; it can be used as a stand-alone source of interaction, or it can be incorporated into other forms such as images and animations.

Images content-They say a picture is worth a million words. Echo that. Images are the best for grabbing the most limited and sort after resource on the internet– attention. Images are commonly used where readers are less likely to spend time scanning through text content, such as those in burner adverts. Create an easy to navigate photo gallery and let users be able to share them on social media.

Animations content-Animation is a rapid display of a sequence of static image or/and objects and frames to create an illusion that there is movement. Motion pictures and videos are the most common way of presenting animated content. Another very effective form of attention-grabbing, you can’t miss this in burner ads.

Audio content-Sounds are sometimes embedded in web pages so that when users load the page or perform an action they hear them. You are however not advised to turn the sound on automatically on your web page; readers need some freedom of choice. Audio content can also be packaged as stand-alone in form of music, recorded talks, animated sounds, live audio streaming or such other voices and sounds. Audio content comes in handy when creating entertaining or instructional tutorials.

Video content-Videos are increasingly becoming common on the web especially with those looking to pass their information across in 3-D and in a more vivid form. You will find this common in product reviews, tutorials, testimonials and demonstration clips. It can be quite challenging to add a video to a web page unless you have space and tools that go with it. Luckily, you can make your videos and animations accessible by your readers by hosting them on multimedia platforms such as YouTube.

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